Couples Cohorts: 2016



This is for serious couples only.

If you have a committed relationship that you want to continue growing, and develop new and improved skills to better your connection, communication, and overall relationship, this is a great experience for you.


You will be introduced to a new relationship concept/skill each month, along with exercises and assignments designed to give you practice with your new skills, and to grow and strengthen this skill within your relationship. The types of things you can expect to learn in this class will be derived from research-based data developed about relationships from the Gottman Institute Training, as well as Emotionally Focused Therapy by Sue Johnson.  I will draw from unexpected sources as well, such as Buddhist Thich Nhat Hahn and I will also introduce new information from the field of relationship therapy as I discover new resources, skills, and strategies for building powerfully loving, satisfying and effective relationships. 

As a Certified Imago Therapist, I will also certainly be including many of the principles and skills used in the Imago Theory, for those of you familiar with the Getting the Love You Want Workshop developed by Harville Hendrix. You will learn about the importance of “cognitive room,” in relationships, the role of we-ness, the dreams within your conflicts, how to soften your communication start-ups, the reasons you need to accept your partner’s influence and how to do it, how to recognize and address issues with your meta-emotions, the role of your imago, how to validate your partner, and the importance of doing so and much, much more. It’s good stuff. Just sayin’.


The vision for this class is multifold. Encourage you to have a more conscious (and therefore more successful and satisfying) relationship. Offer you a more cost-effective way to nurture your relationship than personal couples therapy. Commit to strengthening your relationship. Find strength and insight from other couples. Create a place to process relationship challenges, and expand your ability to problem solve within your relationship.


Classes meet online.

All classes are comprised of a cohort of 4 to 5 couples.  Please contact Michele O’Mara to get your name on a waiting list to be added to the next cohort. We will meet in a virtual classroom online. You will need an internet connection and a webcam. If you are a long-distance couple.  I offer multiple cohorts for specific relationships:

  • Lesbian Couples Cohorts
  • Heterosexual Couples Cohorts
  • Same-sex blended couples with children
  • ONLINE couples (video allows for 5 couples to be seen online at one time!)


A minimum of four couples, a maximum of five.


Each 85 minute class is $95. You are asked to pay via paypal where you will be automatically charged for the $95 each month (on the same day of the month you sign-up) for the duration of the 12 months. You pay for classes whether you attend or not.* The commitment is for the 12 month series, and your participation, is critical. IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: *If you should experience a break-up during the course of this class, there are no refunds. The expectation is that you will work it out. Therefore, committing to this class is literally a commitment to your relationship for the next year.


Do it! It’s smart, it’s healthy, it’s worth your while. ~ Kacie

The assignments and insight are excellent. ~ Anonymous

Definitely worth carving out the time to reconnect/focus on your partner once a month. ~ Anonymous

I’ve enjoyed making connections and seeing mirrors of our relationship in other couples. Good information and support to build our foundation. ~ Anonymous

Do it for yourself and your loved one! ~ Kelly

It’s a great opportunity to improve your relationship if you do the work. ~ Chris, Salem, OR

It’s a good experience for any couple whether you feel you’ve hit rock bottom or just seeking to improve certain aspects of your relationship. ~ Tabitha Miller

Take it! It has helped our relationship tremendously. ~ Mary

It has absolutely made a difference in the way we communicate. Well worth it!!! ~ Amy

It’s awesome to meet and connect with people who are going through or have had the same experiences in the relationships or current life situation. ~ Anonymous

It is a good way to focus on your relationship for an entire year. It is also a good way to meet others that you may not have the opportunity to meet otherwise. ~ Anonymous

I recommend this group to our friends and let them know it is enriching our lives and creating new sparks along the way. ~ Sharon Hollis, Plainfield, Indiana

How do we sign up?

($95 month x 12 months)

There is a waiting list for couples who are interested in being in the next couple’s cohort.  Contact Michele to be added to the waiting list for the next cohort.