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Coaching chats


A COACHING CHAT  is an email exchange with Michele O’Mara, Life Coach with an LCSW and PhD in Clinical Sexology.  One exchange can change your entire perspective on a situation, resolve an immediate dilemma, or give you resources for further exploration (book, website, exercise, etc.) as you journey toward greater peace.  What’s more, you never have to leave home, and if you do, your CoachingCHATS are still accessible to you!  Create CHATS that fit your needs.  If you are feeling alone, confused, in need of insight, motivation, inspiration or a new perspective, RIGHT NOW, a longer Email CHAT may come in handy.  It’s up to you.  And, isn’t that THE WAY IT SHOULD BE?

NOTE:  While i am a licensed therapist, THIS IS NOT THERAPY.  This is coaching.  The distinction is important because counseling is designed to assist those in need of mental health care.  This is designed to assist those in life issues that you would otherwise turn to a trusted friend for.  Email is not a proper venue to do adequate mental health care.

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CoachingChats are flexible-length email exchanges that are designed to offer a unique RESOURCE, sensitive to your busy life, and with a notable appreciation for INSTANT GRATIFICATION.  Sometimes all you need is quick advice, a redirection in how you are thinking about something, or a reality check about something you are experiencing.  Sometimes you need MORE.  Take one small  click for CoachingChats and one GIANT LEAP for peace and happiness.