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I provide two different types of services:

Coaching and Counseling.

The following will describe these differences for you.

COUNSELING: One is for mental health counseling, the other is for life coaching. While similar, there are distinct, and legally relevant differences between these services. Counseling is designed to identify and treat mental health issues within the scope of diagnoses listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual which lists these “disorders.” The focus of counseling is on addressing mental health disorders, and involves a diagnosis. This, frankly, is my least favorite way of working with people, but it is what allows clients to receive reimbursement for my services. However, in order to receive a letter of referral for hormones or surgery, you will need to engage in mental health counseling. Coaching is not sufficient.

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COACHING: As a life-coach, my preferred style of working with people, I am focused on helping individuals identify the life they wish to live, and supporting them in achieving this. The focus is not on what’s “wrong,” rather the focus is on where you want to head with your life. I provide both coaching and counseling services to both individuals and couples. If you are interested in clarifying your gender, getting support and you do not feel you need a diagnosis, then life coaching is definitely an option for you.

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