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AS NEEDED: Your Own Coach Online For Life Coaching

How do coaching chats help?
  • Learn about a new book that will offer you just the right support and guidance for your situation
  • Gain a new PERSPECTIVE on an old situation that you are having trouble making peace with
  • Develop new SKILLS through suggested exercises and behaviors
  • Learn new ways to approach conversations so you can be MORE EFFECTIVE
  • Gain understanding about the natural development of gender and of sexual orientation to assist in CLARIFYING who you are
  • Benefit from new STRATEGIES for living, including some of my favorites: The Law of Attraction, the Sedona Method, Byron Katie’s Loving What Is, Debbie Ford’s Dark Side of the Light Chasers, Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly, Getting the Love You Want, John Gottman’s The Relationship Cure, and more!


What are coaching Chats?

When you initiate a coaching chat, you will be directed to a form that gives you four chat options. The chat you select will be based on the amount of information you wish to share about your situation and the number of questions you would like answered. 

The shortest option is 450 words (roughly one single-spaced typed page) and two questions.  The longest option is 1800 words (roughly 3.5 single spaced typed pages) and 5 questions and costs $100 per exchange.

One Coaching Exchange = Your Inquiry + My Response

One exchange consists of your message to me and my response to you. The pricing is based on the typical amount of time it takes for me to read your information and respond.   

What types of issues do people discuss with coaching chats?
  • Lesbians
  • Gay men
  • Heterosexuals
  • Bisexual men and women
  • Transgender men (Transmen or FTM)
  • Transgender women (Transwomen or MTF)
  • Pansexual
  • Folks in open relationships or poly relationships
  • Married lesbians
  • Married gay men
  • Couples in Mixed Orientation Marriages
  • Gender Queer, Gender Fluid &/or Gender Dysphoric
  • Cross-dressers
  • Partner’s of cross-dressers (SOFA’s)
What are examples of questions?


  • I think I am gay, but how can I be sure?
  • How should I approach coming out to my parents?
  • My wife never wants to have sex.
  • How do I tell my husband I am a lesbian?
  • Should I stay married to my husband if I am in love with a woman?
  • How long should I wait before I introduce my children to a new partner after a divorce?
  • My parents don’t accept my partner.  Should I go to their house for the holidays even if she is not invited?
  • My partner wants to have a baby and I’m not sure I do.
  • How do we know when to move in together?
  • What can we do to make our long-distance relationship more successful?
  • My partner does not want me to spend time with my ex, but we are best friends and I need her in my life.   How do I address this?
What type of response can I expect from my coaching chat?
This exchange below is a small sample from a much longer actual coaching exchange. The grey box is the coaching inquiry text and below each section is my response.   


This is personal LIFE coaching. Counseling is designed to assist those in need of mental health care. Email is not a proper venue to do adequate mental health care. Life Coaching is designed to assist those with life issues for which you would otherwise turn to a trusted friend or mentor for guidance.


Coaching Chats are not a counseling service. If you feel you are in a crisis situation or you are experiencing suicidal thoughts or feelings call 911. For additional crisis resources, click below.

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