Lesbian Love – Marry her in fashion: book workshop, post the date, share news

Lesbian Love – Marry her in fashion: book workshop, post the date, share news

Spread the news, you can enrich your lesbian love life with more knowledge than books can teach (no matter what those book reviews say), more intimacy than date nights can provide (no matter how high your fashion) and before you  marry the love of your life,  finish reading this post and do a little happy dance like you’re Ellen, because you have stumbled across something that’s kind of a big deal.  If I say so myself.


When I finally “knew” what I wanted to be when I grow up, I never looked back. First, Oprah introduced me to Harville Hendricks and his Imago theory (well, me and millions of other viewers).  Then after hearing incredible book reviews for his book, “Getting the love you want,” by I knew I needed to read it.  What a life-changer for me.  Everything about my own relationships started to make more sense.  Lesbian love.  What a scarcely discussed topic.  In my early 20’s when I was coming out aa s lesbian and looking for love, there was nothing to help with how to date, there was no Ellen to normalize being gay, it was not in fashion what so ever, and a post like this didn’t exist!  If it was in the news it was because of things like “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” and to think of having the option to marry was unheard of!

Times, they are a changing though.  Lesbian love is alive and kicking!  I have built much of my professional life around understanding lesbians and their relationships.  First, I had to get a good understanding of relationships.  Next, I had to see how much of these heterosexual concepts apply to lesbians.  Then I had to figure out what is missing.  After doing all of that, I decided I better just post all of this information together and create a lesbian couples workshop.  So I did. I call it, The Couples Weekend. Clever, right?


When are your next couples workshops?

Updated WORKSHOP DATES ARE listed here.


 What is the typical schedule for you two-day workshop?

I usually schedule workshops on Saturday and Sunday.  We typically meet from 12pm-5pm Saturday and 9:30am-5 00 pm Sunday. There is a 75-minute lunch break, with lots of nearby options to get your nutrition.


Do you have a way to notify people when you schedule your next workshop?

To be notified by email of the next available couple’s weekend, simply email me on my contact form (scroll to the bottom of the page), and I will share the news with you when the next workshop is scheduled.



What is The Couple’s Weekend?

As a Certified Imago Therapist, Michele O’Mara has created a unique blend of all that is amazing about the Getting the Love You Want Imago Therapy weekend, with specific skills, resources, information and exercises designed especially for same-sex couples.  To learn more about Imago Theory, you can read this post I wrote. The weekend is an incredible opportunity for same-sex couples from across the United States to spend a weekend intentionally focused on creating (or improving) an OUTstanding relationship!

The weekend is a unique blend of education (concrete skills, and information about improving your relationship), processing (discussion of the new skills and information shared), and exercises (done privately with your own partner – not in front of the group).


REGISTER at least 15 days prior to the weekend to save $100


What Can I expect to gain from The Weekend? 

  • Learn the 10 essential ingredients of an outstanding relationship and how to apply them to your relationship

  • Learn new skills to improve your communication and connection with your partner

  • Participate in your own in-depth relationship review

  • Create a personalized relationship improvement plan

    A fun weekend spent with other same-sex couples in a comfortable setting


Will we have to talk about our personal issues in front of other couples?

There will be opportunities for couples to volunteer to role-play a skill, but your level of disclosure about your relationship is entirely up to you. Important News Flash:  You do not have to share anything about your relationship with the other couples that you do not want to.  I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that your benefit directly correlates to your sharing, howwwwwever, the choice remains yours.


What kind of couples will be there?

The Weekend is open to gay and lesbian couples. This is a great resource for any couple. You may already have a strong relationship and use The Weekend as a way to tune-in to and tune-up your relationship, or you may be struggling to find your way back to each other. There will be a mixture of couples – some functioning better than others, but all with a desire to improve their relationship!


 Can you describe what The Weekend will be like once we are there?

We will convene in a meeting room around a large table that is casual, intimate and functional. There will be breaks to stretch and snack (beverages/snacks provided).

There will be a blend of education (lectures), process (discussion about what we are learning as it applies to your relationship), and exercises. All exercises are done privately with your partner, separate from the group. Michele O’Mara will observe each couple doing their exercises and be available to guide and support your individual work.

What makes this such a good financial investment in our relationship?

This is less than half the cost of the equivalent amount of couple’s counseling! Payment plans are available if necessary, and we do accept Visa and Mastercard as payment options.




 How does The Weekend compare to couple’s counseling?

 The Weekend is about building OUTstanding relationships. The emphasis is on strengthening relationships, creating a hopeful, forward-moving momentum on which you can continue building and strengthening your relationship. Though this is not counseling, and in many ways is more like an intensive class on relationships, The Weekend does offer you all of the benefits of counseling and more. The Weekend is designed to bring out the best in both you and your partner, for the good of your relationship.


Why should we sign up?

Receive 75% more for your investment. For the same cost as 2.5 couple’s counseling sessions, you can receive 12 hours of tools, education, counseling and a rare opportunity for peer-couples support and inclusion in a community of health-oriented couples!  12 hours of couple’s counseling = $1560 or 12 hours of couple’s weekend = $550 ($275 each), if you register 15 days in advance, or $650 ($325 each) if you register less than 15 days prior to the workshop.

  • Expedite your healing, insight, and relationship growth.  Receive three months worth of counseling in one weekend by attending The Couples Workshop!!

  • Enjoy the benefit of learning from other couples, their experiences, and gain insight and support from other couples – an up-close look at lesbian love that you can not get anywhere else!

 If we are traveling from out of town, where should we stay?

There is a brand new hotel that is literally within walking distance from the workshop, too.  My last call to them informed me that one-bedroom is $59/night and the two-bedroom is roughly $65/night – you will need to see how accurate this is, and I have never been to the actual motel, I only know it’s very new.

Whitehouse Motel 

Address: 2688 E Main St, Plainfield, IN 46168 

Phone:(317) 839-9358

You can also explore hotels near the Indianapolis International Airport. The airport is less than ten minutes from the workshop location (which is 2680 E Main Street, Plainfield, IN 46168).


What have other lesbians said about this weekend?

  • lesbian love“I learned a huge, vulnerable spot for [my partner] and saw how it plays out in our relationship. Also, I identified a big hole in my past that affects how I connect with her.”

  • “Michele was funny, entertaining, and so wise with wonderful words of wisdom, compassion, and understanding.”

  • “You must be willing to explore your inner depths. If you are willing, you will be rewarded many times over.”

  • “I have learned many things about my partner and myself that I didn’t have a clue this is why I sometimes act the way we do. The communication style is going to be helpful for us!”

  • “This experience was life changing!!!”

  • “It was phenomenal.”

Tell me when your next workshop is scheduled!

8 + 11 =

Lesbians and Sex: Lesbian Relationships, Sexual Challenges and Dilemmas

A one-hour teleclass with Dr. Michele O’Mara & Dr. Tammy Nelson 

April 9, 2013  |  12PM EST  |  Cost: $50 

 (includes 1 AASECT and Imago CE, handouts & resources)




Get an unprecedented peek into the sex lives of contemporary lesbians, and develop a current understanding about lesbians and sex!  Join Dr. Tammy Nelson and author and expert Dr. Michele O’Mara on this informative and fascinating teleseminar; a glimpse into the lives of women who love women.

Dr. O’Mara’s extensive research into the sexual lives of 398 lesbians reveals the intimate truths behind female relationships and reveals some surprising truths important not only for lesbians and their partners, but for any therapist or professional working with individual and couples, and for anyone who knows and loves a woman.

TARGET AUDIENCE: This is a great resource for lesbians, social workers, therapists, OB/GYNs, life coaches, spiritual advisers, and others in the care of lesbians.


  • How do lesbians define sex?
  • What are contemporary lesbians doing sexually?
  • How frequently are lesbians having sex?
  • How does the length of a relationship affect sex and relationship satisfaction?
  • How satisfied are lesbians with their relationships?
  • How important is sex to lesbians?
  • What is most important to lesbians in relationships?
  • How does age affect lesbian sexuality?


Michele O’Mara, PhD, LCSW, Certified Sexologist, Certified Imago Therapist

As the developer of an online social network for lesbians, a series of personal growth classes for lesbians and a lesbian couples workshop provider, Dr. O’Mara is passionately committed to the personal growth of all lesbians, near and far, thanks to Skype!

Tammy Nelson, PhD, LPC, Certified Sexologist, Certified Imago Therapist

The author of Getting the Sex You Want:  Shed Your inhibitions and Reach New Heights of Passion Together, and The New Monogamy:  Refining your Relationship After Infidelity, and lectures and trains internationally on sex and relationships.