candid couples

What is The Candid Couples Project?

CANDID COUPLES is a project I created to highlight everyday couples talking about what they think makes their relationship great. As a relationship therapist, with decades of working with couples in my office, I am turning my focus to learning from random everyday couples – who are living their relationships and learning as they go.  Candid Couples Project is an effort to learn from couples who are not in a counseling setting – who are in actual relationships. I want to learn what works for many different couples – what random couples consider a “great,” or “successful” relationship. I want to learn from other couples, what it takes to make their idea of a great relationship a reality.

Meet My Family

Recently, I took a trip to Missouri for our biennial family reunion on the “Schmaljohn” side. My mother is the second oldest, of five children born to my grandparents, Elda and Albert Scmaljohn. The following Candid Couples videos are organized by families, starting with the oldest Schmaljohn and his or her children, to the youngest. Note: you will not see me or my brother and his wife who have been married 29 years (hopefully this will be added), nor will you see my cousin Kurt and his wife Michelle. My youngest cousin, Jenna is not married. The rest are all here!

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