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What is The Candid Couples Project?

CANDID COUPLES is an extension of my lifelong fascination with what makes relationships work. My goal is to highlight everyday couples talking about what makes their relationship successful so that other couples can see the variety of ways that couples find happiness in relationships.  

After two decades providing relationship counseling and coaching, I have discovered:


There is not a “right” way to put your relationship together,

there is only the way that feels right for each couple. 



The Candid Couples Project is a new adventure for me to learn from random couples I encounter in my life, from all walks of life, and a variety of couple pairings, backgrounds, and different lengths of relationship. 

My goal is to create a public platform for people to see and learn from a diverse array of couples and to discover all of the different ways you can put your relationship together.

The short video interviews are designed to help offer tips and strategies from real couples about what works for them. I’m interested to learn what different couples consider a “great,” or “successful” relationship. I want to learn from a variety of couples what it takes to make their idea of a great relationship a reality. And, I want to share that with you. 

Meet My Family

I started The Candid Couples Project with my own family during our biennial family reunion. My mother is the second oldest, of five children born to my grandparents, Elda and Albert Schmaljohn. The following Candid Couples videos are organized by families, starting with the oldest Schmaljohn sibling and their children, to the youngest.  (All but three of the married grandkids were interviewed.)

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