How to discover the best questions for couples

Curiosity is the engine of love. It encourages engagement, sparks interest, and fuels an active desire to know and understand the one you love.  Curiosity is an openness to one another that does not base understanding on assumptions, stories, or projections.  Curiosity communicates desire. Curiosity says, “You interest me, and I want to know you.” To show curiosity, explore some of the best questions to ask before marriage, (and during and after for that matter) or if you just fancy someone. This book of questions is also an app, or kindle copy of Just Ask!

One of the best things you can do for your relationship is get more curious.  

Stop thinking you already your best questions for couplespartner – open yourself to all of who she is, how she thinks, what she desires, what she believes, her dreams, her fears, her regrets and so much more.  Surprise her with your curiosity and watch your connection deepen right before your eyes.

For help coming up with the best questions for couples to be asking one another, get your own copy of Just Ask:  1,000 Questions to Grow Your Relationship (in book, kindle or app format) – for as little as 1.99 for the app.

Falling in love does not mean that you will automatically know how to have interesting conversations. It also doesn’t mean that you will know how to stay connected over the years, or updated with what one another thinks, and how the other feels, your dreams, interests and desires. Just Ask! The book of relationship questions is a great place to start. You’re good for at least 1,000 conversations.

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