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Do you want to glance inside the wonderful world of lesbians?

At ASK LESBIANS, we work to ease the mystery surrouask lesbiansnding what it means to be a lesbian. Despite marriage rights for gays and lesbians everywhere are many communities who still struggle to accept same-sex relationships. This many lack of acceptance, particularly in smaller more remote communities, makes it difficult for women questioning their sexual orientation to fully understand what it means to be a lesbian, beyond the stereotypes in the media. Even when you know a handful of lesbians, it is sometimes difficult to get a good sense about the variety among lesbians in the world at large.

Our ASK LESBIAN surveys are designed to bring you real information about real lesbians. We do this by creating random surveys on a variety of topics, and then we invite lesbians to answer the questions. We set a minimum response of 100 completed surveys before we publish the results, in an effort to create a wide sampling of responses.

Through these surveys, it is my hope to create an expanded vision of the many, varied types of lovely, creative, interesting women in the world that happen to also be lesbian.  This is an information-gathering adventure that is designed to collect data from real live lesbians about real life issues.  We create short surveys (4-6 questions each) on topics related to life as a lesbian.

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The survey inforation collected via asklesbians.com is an informal collection of responses from self-identified lesbians who have volunteered to provide their responses based on their personal experiences. All published surveys are based on the responses of a minimum of 100 women.