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Lesbian Couples Cohort

As you return to life as usual after the exhilarating experience of a couples retreat, it is easy to let the re-energizing life you are breathing into your relationship to slowly take a back seat. Relationships are a practice and they take effort; the right effort. 

What is the Goal of Couples Cohorts?

The Monthly Couple’s Cohort is designed to build on the momentum of your retreat experience and offers you  powerful safe-guards for your relationship:

1. Shared accountability with your tribe of love-growing buddies;

2. Opportunities to continue nourishing your relationship with new skills, practices and insights in a safe environment with your love-tribe.

What happens in the sessions?

Each couple will check-in (this will be timed to allow for equal check-in time for each) with the following prompts:

  • How I contributed to our relationship this month is…
  • How I withdrew from our relationship this month is …
  • What I am grateful for this month is …
  • What I would like to work on is …

After each couple checks-in, we will process an issue (similar to the retreat experience) based on what couples checked-in about.

This may involve one couple doing a dialogue (either the wholehearted dialogue or a new dialogue that I teach), or a group discussion about the topic. I will naturally share new skills, concepts, and offer new dialogues when applicable.

This is a fluid experience and our goal is to help you nourish your relationships in ways that encourage you to love your self and one another as well as possible.

How many monthly sessions will there be?

Couples are asked to commit to 3 consecutive monthly sessions at a time. This provides continuity and stability for the cohort sessions, as well as an opportunity to actively recommit to nourishing your relationship every 3 months. (It also allows us to adjust the schedule for the upcoming 3 months, if necessary). 

When will the Couples Cohort meet?

The first three cohorts will meet on the following Sundays | 11:30am-1:30pm PT, 12:30pm-2:30pm MT, 1:30pm-3:30pm CT, 2:30pm-4:30pm ET

  • July 24
  • August 28 
  • September 25

What happens after the first three months are up?

Each couple will be invited to recommit to another 3 months. 

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