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Lesbian Couples Retreats

If you are a woman in a relationship with a woman and you would like to gain new skills to better your relationship in a safe, fun, and effective learning environment then you have found the right place with us.

An enjoyable and enlightening a learning experience. The structure of the retreat sessions created a safe place that allowed all of the "feels" to come to the surface. I highly recommend it to all couples who are looking to deepen their connection. 

Chris O. Jackson, NJ (Burwell, NE Retreat OCT 2018)


If relationships are “for better or for worse, why not choose better?”

Michele O’Mara, Ph.D. (learn more about Dr. O’Mara here) with the assistance of her wife, Kristen O’Mara, offer customized Lesbian Couples Retreats with specific attention to your relationship needs, goals and interests. Prior to the retreat, each partner of each couple will complete a 10-minute, pre-workshop relationship survey. In this survey, you will identify your top areas of interest and needs for participating in the workshop.

Some of the many topics covered in the lesbian couples retreats:

  • improving conflict skills – finding ways to resolve differences more effectively
  • dissolving old resentments and hurts
  • finding a balance between freedom and responsibility in relationships
  • finding ways to feel more freedom in the context of a very close relationship
  • division of labor around the house and different standards/needs regarding cleanliness and order
  • dealing with the impact of old traumas and hurts that show up in your relationship
  • feeling more connected
  • chronic defensiveness, reactivity, and sensitivity to one another
  • premarital preparation
  • healing from infidelity
  • reconnecting after adding children to the relationship
  • regaining trust after a betrayal occurs (lying, drug use, infidelity, etc…)
  • reviving our sex life
  • improving communication
  • resolving conflicts about boundaries with ex’s, with family and with other people, places, and things
  • addressing issues that arise in blended family relationships
  • co-parenting concerns


16may(may 16)6:30 PM19(may 19)10:00 AMOUTER BANKS, COROLLA, NC Lesbian Couples Retreat: MAY 16-19, 2019Lesbian Couples Retreat: Outer Banks, NC


13jun(jun 13)3:00 PM16(jun 16)12:00 PMPORTLAND Lesbian Couples Retreat: PORTLAND, OR JUNE 13-16, 2019 Copy CopyLesbian Couples Workshop: PORTLAND, OR


09oct(oct 9)3:00 PM13(oct 13)12:00 PMSANTA FE, NM Lesbian Couples REUNION Retreat: SANTA FE, NM OCT 9-13, 2019Lesbian Couples Workshop: SANTA FE, NM

I highly recommend it! It doesn’t matter what stage your relationship is in, this experience will benefit you. We were able to open up in a way we haven’t been able to do on our own, and we continue to use the skills at home. The friends we made were an added bonus, we had such a good time!  I feel so thankful for the experience. No matter how things turn out we are going to be better co-parents to Greyson because of the tools and knowledge we gained, so thank you, I accomplished my goal.

Angela - Texas (Burwell, NE Retreat October 2018)


Each workshop will cover a unique set of topics that will be based on the couples in attendance. You will receive a retreat workbook that is tailored specifically for just this retreat. The 12 hours of workshop sessions are set up to address at least one of the top three area’s of interest that are identified by each couple, and typically several couples will have similar interests (which makes these experiences very validating and empowering).

The lesbian couples retreat will vary in location. The idea is behind these couples retreats is to create a mixture of learning, laughing, adventure and play, friendship and community, as well as downtime and intimacy for each couple.  The couples retreat will provide you with novel experiences to intrigue your senses, rich discussion and deep communication to satisfy your human need for connection, opportunities to engage in various adventures local to the destination for the retreat you select, and impactful new information and skills to elevate your relationship satisfaction and your understanding of your partner, no matter how happy you currently are.

I would say that it was truly one of the most unique and valuable experiences of my life. The environment was safe, fun and encouraging. Don’t change the intimate setting, your involvement, and vulnerability with those that you are coaching. Gwen - Washington


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