better year
Twelve To-Dos for a better year.

____Make a list of 100 things that bring me joy.
____Tell (email, call, write) 3 people and thank them for being them.
____Learn how to train my mind to work for me, not against me.
      (Sign up for The Law of Attraction class / register here)
____Become more authentic and actually be who I really am.  (Sign up
        for Michele’s Brand New class – DML Radically Authentic).
____Do at least one thing from my 100 joys list everyday.
____Smile more.
____Leave everything (people, places, and things) in better shape than  
       you find them.
____Follow your gut.
____Encourage others.  (Tell my lesbian couples friends to attend  
       Michele’s Lesbian Couples workshop on Jan 13-14th because it’s
       just good for them.
____Give someone a hug everyday (be sure they are consenting)!
____Learn something new, anything.
____Be more curious, less judgmental.

This should get you off to get your life pointed in a good direction, for a better year, starting today.