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A Book of Questions with 1000 Questions for Couples

Just Ask:  1000 Questions to Grow Your Relationship

(is also a question app) by Michele O’Mara, PhD


Do you have questions you’d like to ask, but don’t know how to bring up?

Just Ask! App now allows users to submit your own questions (anonymously!) to the database of questions in the app. You can submit any question you want to ask (subject to approval), and conveniently ask her while scrolling through the 1,000+ questions already in the database.

Do you have someone in your life who complains you don’t talk enough?

You wish you could talk more, but you don’t even know what to talk about?

A book of questions like Just Ask 1000 Questions to Grow Your Relationship is a perfect way to let her know that you hear her complaint and you want to give her what she wants. Buy her the book and invite her to ask you anything in the book she wants. Or, get the question app, and start asking her questions without her even knowing what you are up to. These conversation starters will surprise and maybe even impress her.

Did you just meet someone new and you want to know everything about her that you possibly can?

See if she is willing to answer every question in the book of questions! You might just know one another better than anyone else after the 1,000th question!

Have you been with your partner or spouse for a long time and feel like you talk about the same things over and over?

Freshen up your conversations and update your understanding of one another with Just Ask! the best book of questions. Learn how you’ve changed over the years. Does she still have the same beliefs, interests, and desires that she did when you first met? Asking 1000 questions for couples will help you be sure you are staying connected after all these years.

Do you wish you were more comfortable talking about sex?

Let Just Ask! do the heavy lifting for you. A lot of these 1000 questions for couples incude topics of sex, romance, and desires. There are several sections to help you out with this, taking the awkward discomfort out of the process. 

Start of slowly in this book of questions with the section called, Intimate Relationships (questions 421-514). This section includes questions like:  “What first attracted you to your partner?” and “What characteristics do you most love about your partner?”

Next, move to the Romance section (questions 515-538). This  will help you slowly progress to more intimate questions, like “What is your idea of a romantic evening?” and “If you were to write an instruction manual about how to effectively romance you, what are some must-haves for this manual?”

Next, you can get more up close and personal with the Sex section (questions 580-631). Here you will find questions like, “When did you have your first orgasm?” and “How do you feel about anal sex?”

If you are still wanting more, move on to the Have You or Would You section (questions 632-709) to learn more about what each of you likes sexually. You will find questions like, “Have you or would you…have phone sex? or “Have you or would you…have a threesome?

Would you like to make your road trips more exciting?

Let Just Ask! keep your conversation spicy with 1000 questions for couples. You make the time go by extra fast while having fun learning more about each other.

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Whether you are android or apple fans, paperback or kindle fans, there’s an option for you to start learning about each other from this book of questions.  

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